12Hide.com Review

12Hide.com Review12Hide.com is a global VPN services providers that creates a secure, encrypted tunnel through which all of your online data passes back and forth. Any application that required an internet connection works with 12Hide.com – including your web browser, email client, and instant messaging program – keeping everything you do online hidden from prying eyes while masking your physical location and giving you unfettered access to any website or web service no matter where you happen to live or travel to. 

12 Hide Special Offers

12 Hide does not appear to have any special offers taking place at this time.

12 Hide VPN Key Features

  • Unlimited VPN Speed: With this VPN services you will enjoy unrestricted bandwidth through all VPN services.
  • Access your favorite sites from anywhere: No matter where you live or travel to, the sites and services you depend on are always available using your 12 Hide VPN account. By re-directing your internet traffic through their global server network, censorship and regional content restrictions are bypassed seamlessly.
  • Open all available ports: With 12 Hide VPN, all networking ports are available so that you can use your IM client, email client, or other web enabled applications safely and securely.
  • Support for mobile devices: Using 12 Hide VPN PPTP VPN, account holders can securely connect their mobile devices, including but not limited to iOS and Android to the web over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks worldwide.
  • PPTP Connectivity: Account holders have the flexibility of choosing between both Open VPN and PPTP VPN services, allowing any major platform to utilize 12 Hide VPN without an installer.
  • World class support: 12 Hide VPN knowledgeable support professionals are available night and day to answer all inquiries and resolve any issue in a timely manner.

Downsides of 12 Hide dot com

As with any other VPN services 12 Hide dot com also has its downsides. First, there are no VPN services reviews. So, since there is not a 12 Hide dot com review or 12 Hide dot com reviews to back up what they state on their website at this time it cannot be verified that no 12 Hide dot com scam or 12 Hide dot com fraud is taking place within this VPN services provider.