Anonine Review

Anonine ReviewAnonine is one of the best VPN services available to customers who need a powerful VPN provider. Some consider them one of the top VPN services since they guarantee their uptime is 99.9%. According to Anonine reviews, when compared to their competitors they have the most bandwidth available on the market. They are even secure enough to avoid the Heartbleed bug. You be rest assured that their internet is very secure.

Anonine Special Offers

Anonine provides customers with the most available bandwidth at a reasonable price. If you commit to using their VPN services for twelve months, you will save over $50. However, their monthly plan is currently available for under $10 a month. They even allow you to check out with PayPal, so you never have to enter your credit card information.

Anonine Key Features

Anonine has made a name for themselves as being able to provide customers with the maximum amount of bandwidth for the most affordable price. When compared to their competitors you will find that they have the highest amount of uptime, which is currently at 99.9%. They do not keep any logs of anything so you never have to worry about any of your private matters being exposed.

Downsides of Anonine

Anonine is one of the best VPN providers available right now. However, as with other VPN Services they have some downsides to their services that have to be exposed. First, they only allow users to check out with PayPal. There is no option for Google Checkout or Amazon. Not everyone may have PayPal and this will deter him or her from using their services. Second, the only way you can visibly contact them is via their contact form. They do not have a number or an email visibly available for contact purposes on their website.