Review of VPN service

CloakVPN Overview

CloakVPN is a virtual private network service provider that can give you, as the name implies, a hundred percent anonymity or cloak from spies and hackers. It can also allow you to gain access in restricted websites, break through firewalls and gain access to some contents which are restricted in certain websites. This VPN services provider is an OpenVPN tunnel service with IP in the USA, UK and other countries. Your data and other control channel are encrypted by with the use of OpenSSL library. With this VPN provider, you can be sure that you are secure, you have privacy and you can use the internet with absolute freedom. It is also very easy to purchase their services and they have user-friendly installation instructions. It can provide services for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone Android and many more.

CloakVPN Special Offers

They accept payments at Paypal and Bitcom. You only have to pay $5 a month to have the services they provide. This is one of the top VPN services which is very affordable and can truly give you the freedom to use the internet, have your privacy and security.

CloakVPN Key Features

This review of can show you where it got its name. As the name implies, Cloak VPN can truly give you the stealth you need for your network. This way you will have the best privacy you need.  The key features that has to offer make it one of the best VPN services there is. It can allow you to surf the internet with anonymity. And it can enhance security. It can allow you to enter blocked sites and avoid limitations set by your ISP. It can even encrypt your traffic in WiFi zones and other wireless areas. When you use campus and office network, your communications will be private. GeoLocation access will also be provided for you.

Downside of CloakVPN still has no servers in many different countries. This means, it still hasn’t expanded in farther scopes in the world. Besides this setback, CloackVPN is a great VPN service provider which will truly give you security, privacy and freedom when you use the internet.