Review was founded to keep the internet open and free while respecting user privacy and security. In 2009,, launched VyprVPN personal VPN services to encrypt internet connections, protect online privacy, prevent monitoring of online communications and provide access to restricted websites to preserve an open free Internet. 

Golden Frog Special Offers

Golden Frog allows you to try their services out risk free so you can be sure that you want them to be your VPN services provider before you commit.

VYPR VPN Key Features

VYPR VPN apps for every device: Desktop apps and mobile apps are available.

Easy to Connect

Always available

Engineered reliability

Unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited server switching

Multiple VPN protocols supports: PPTP, L2TP, and Open VPN

Worldwide VPN server locations

Dump truck online services included for free

Customer support is always available.

Downsides of Golden Frog dot com

Golden Frog dot com does not seem to have any downsides. VPN services reviews that have been left on Twitter indicate that this is one of the trustworthy VPN services available. Golden Frog dot com reviews, however, really do not go into detail about what can be expected though. One Golden Frog dot com review was just general and stated that the user was simply using their services. However, since the user seemed to be happy about using their VPN services it is safe to say that there is no Golden Frog dot com scam or Golden Frog dot com fraud going on within this VPN services.

Overall, when it comes to Golden Frog dot com it really remains up to you as to whether or not you want to trust them to provide you with a reliable VPN service. Take a look around their site and see if you think that it is something that would be beneficial to you. There is not much information about them throughout the web yet so you are definitely going to have to use your own personal judgment when it comes to this VPN service.