HotSpotVPN.Com Review

Review of VPN service HotSpotVPN.Com

HotSpotVPN.Com Benefits

There are a lot of VPN services reviews online that shows how beneficial it is for you as an individual or for your business to have VPN services. You will have the speed, the privacy and the safety that you need for your internet connection if you have VPN services. HotSpotVPN is a VPN service that can give you amazing benefits that you need as an individual or for your business. has the only Zero Config VPN solution called the Tiny Hardware Firewall. This will make sure that no viruses or malware can penetrate your network. This will also avoid tunneling issues. This is one of the best benefits that can give.

Other HotSpotVPN.Com Reviews Found

After checking reviews, you will see that this VPN service provider can give you optional virus scan to check on  you internet traffic. This will make sure that there are no malwares or viruses that will get in your network as you use the internet. Hot Spot VPN also uses the strongest encryption at 256bits vs. 128bits. As you read some of the reviews of, you will see that there are no commercial VPN services provider that can provide encryption as strong as what HotSpotVPN can offer.

HotSpotVPN.Com Special Offers

HotSpotVPN, is not only for businesses, it is also great for personal purposes. This is because it is applicable to countless devices. has a reputation of providing one of the best VPN services for any types of devices for the last ten years. Some of the devices that Hot Spot VPN can apply encryption tunnel to are iPads, Linux, Solaris, OpenBD, FreeBSD, Snow Leopard OS X and Windows 7. The VPN services that offers is also compatible to phones such as PocketPC, Windows Mobile, Symbian based Nokias, Droid Phones and of course iPhones.

Is HotSpotVPN.Com a Scam?

This review shows you that you don’t need to pay any hidden costs as you avail the VPN services that HotSpotVPN can offer. With the VPN services that HotSpotVPN dot com can offer, you can choose your own VPN ports and protocols, optimize your VOIP, maximize your bandwidth by blocking Internet advertisements and more. Furthermore, you won’t find any notices about fraud or scam online.