Overplay.net Review

Review of VPN service overplay.net

Overplay Overview

This article is a VPN services review on overplay. Overplay.net is a virtual private network service provider that allows you to change IP address in another country, enhance your security, and access restricted content. Overplay does not simply give you the best VPN services, they aim to give their subscribers more through the SmartDNS. This allows you to gain access to restricted contents easily. It can also allow you to gain access to blocked websites in certain areas where you are like schools and work places. This feature is also possible in wireless devices, like iPads. With Overplay.net, you can also be sure that you are secured and your internet is encrypted. Overplay is also expanding their servers in so many countries across the globe.

Overplay Special Offers

At Overlay, you can get the top VPN services at only $9.95 every month. This is a wonderful offer and is relatively affordable. With their SmartDNS innovation, you can gain high speed access to restricted areas fast. This innovation is included in any subscription. This is also available to so many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, OSX, AppleTV and more.

Overplay Key Feature

This review of overlay will give you an idea why it is considered as one of the premier VPN service providers in the world. Overlay can allow you to gain access to restricted websites in your school, workplace and more. It can also give you access to restricted contents in certain websites. Your internet traffic will be encrypted and you will have the security you want. You can also easily change you IP address to one country with Overlay. Overplay.ner ensures your connectivity with their high speed servers which are found in over 48 countries and counting. Overplay also has a user friendly VPN set-up instructions. And with their SmartDNS servers, everything’s faster and better compared to most VPN service providers.

Downside of Overplay

Their SmartDNS innovation is still in the advance testing stage. This means, it is not yet that smooth and you may encounter a couple of glitches while you use this service.