Review is one of the VPN services providers that provides easy access to VPN services for mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android. They use Open VPN platform to ensure your access to Internet is secure and free from interference. SoftEther VPN is available upon request. A trial account is also available. 

Secure VPN dot us Special Offers

Currently, Secure VPN dot us has three special offers available. You can read about all three below:

  • Trial Account: 0.50 a day, unlimited bandwidth, 1 day only, open VPN server access; US based location, high speed internet, free US http (s) proxy, Payment with PayPal.
  • Membership: $7.00 a month, No bandwidth limitations, cancel anytime, open VPN server access, US based location, Concurrent connections (3), free US http (s) proxy, SoftEther VPN access.
  • One-time payment: $2.00 a week, No bandwidth limitations, High speed access, Open VPN Access Server, US based location, Concurrent connections (3), Free US http (s) proxy, Paypal or Google Checkout

Secure VPN Key Features

  • Industry Standard: Secure VPN is based on the industry standard open VPN protocol as well as SoftEther VPN services.
  • Fast: Secure VPN server connections are faster than most other providers. Not to mention that they even offer a free trial so you can check.
  • Confidential: Secure VPN does not disclose nor maintain excessive customer information. Accounts can be permanently closed or deleted.
  • Compatible: Open VPN is supported by most desktop computers. It works on tablets and smartphones as well, including iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.
  • Encrypted: The open VPN protocol uses 160 and 256 bit encryption of your internet connection, highest security level available on the market.
  • Secure: Highest encryption, no known vulnerabilities, authenticates the data on both ends of the connection through digital certificates.

Downsides of does have some downsides. First they have no VPN services reviews. So without a review or reviews there is no way for one to be sure whether or not there is any type of scam or fraud taking place within this VPN services.