Review of VPN service

StrongVPN Overview

This VPN Services Review is about how the amazing VPN services that can offer. It is very important to choose the right VPN service provider when you need VPN. This way, you can be sure that the information you give a certain VPN provider will not be using your information for other purposes. This is why Strong VPN is one of the most trusted VPN services because it has established its name since 1995. This company started small in South Lake Tahoe back in 1994. From those humble beginnings, they now offer internet services for clients all over the world. The core team of has been around for 17 years in this business and the people who answer for the support are highly skilled and trained. They focus on high quality fiber network bandwidth, quality communications with the customers, and they aim to give the best service to their clients. With this trusted VPN service provider, you can be sure that you have optimum security, privacy and freedom in using the internet.

StrongVPN Special Offers

Reviews of VPN services can show you great offers for your VPN needs. has amazing rates a 7 day money back guarantee. You can get the Euro-American Special Open or PPTP for only $85 a year. Or you can get the Euro-American Special PPTP for only $55 a year. You can also get their Ala Carte offer for $9 for the PPTP and $12 for the Open. They also have lite, standard, deluxe and premium offers with rates ranging from $7 to $30.

StrongVPN Key Features

This StrongVPN review will showcase the different amazing features that has to offer. Some of the most important services that StrongVPN can give are Security for people using internet in hotspots, you can get American or Euro IP wherever you may be, easily unblock VOIP applications, Unblock restricted websites overseas, round the clock technical support, Gbit Network Connectivity, No bandwidth charges but with high speed connection, anonymity while surfing, easily switch VPN Locations depending on the area of the customer, and has 128 – 2048 Secure encrypted channel. This means, you can get the best internet browsing freedom, a hundred percent anonymity and IP change with Strong VPN.

Downside of Strong VPN

In this VPN services review, there is not much downside to mention from the company. The company has established a strong system, as the name implies, because it has been learning about the customers and the services for a long time since 1995.