SwitchVPN.com Review

Review of VPN service switchvpn.com

SwitchVPN Overview

This review of SwitchVPN.com will show you the wonderful VPN services that it has to offer. SwitchVPN is a very fast VPN that allows you to use the internet with a hundred percent freedom, and complete anonymity. With this virtual private network, you can gain access to different websites which are restricted in your school, office or country. It can also give you access to certain contents which are restricted in some websites. You can also be sure that your privacy and security will be a hundred percent given to you. SwitchVPN.com is also very user friendly with Instructions easy to follow. SwitchVPN has servers in so many different countries all over the world.

SwitchVPN Special Offers

Reviews of VPN services will help subscribers know how much the price of the service packages of certain VPN service providers is. Packages in SwitchVPN are very affordable. You may only pay when you are satisfied with their 5 days money back guarantee. This is why Switch VPN is a trusted VPN service provider. You can get the SwitchVPN.com service package for only $5.95 a month. You can also get the Combo PRO for only $9.95 a month.

SwitchVPN Key Features

You will find out in this review on SwitchVPN that it has so many amazing features to offer. SwitchVPN.com has servers in the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Malaysia. It has 99% service up-time and you can easily gain access to website restricted in your countries. This VPN service provider can also let you unlock certain VOIP services and other P2P applications such as Skype. You will also have uninterrupted internet access with SwitchVPN.com with their unlimited bandwidth. SwitchVPN also supports Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and OpenVPN. It has also VPN instruction which is very easy to follow. It has a very strong encryption to protect your network from spies and hackers. It will also secure you network when you use WiFi in unfamiliar areas. It also has secure IP Address for each computer included in your network. You will have a hundred percent privacy from logs and you will have uninterrupted internet access. Your anonymity will be provided at its maximum potential with SwitchVPN.

Downside of SwitchVPN

There are no major downsides for this VPN service provider. However, it only has limited countries with serves and it has not expanded on a broader scale in the globe.