Virtual Private Network Technology: Taking October 2012 to the Cloud

4t Networks is encouraging companies based in the state of Texas to prepare themselves for the coming hurricane season. With technology being so important to many people, they’re encouraging consumers to invest in disaster recovery solutions focused around virtual private network technology that can automate recovery in worst-case scenarios. Using a certain hurricane code when checking out will net consumers an impressive 50 percent discount. This might increase business quite a bit if things go 4t Networks’ way.

VPN ServicesRiverbed Cascade is offering a pair of new virtual networking tools that are sure to make the industry more visible to the general public. This is important, considering that many people aren’t as familiar with the technology as they should be. One of VPN’s problems is that the software is so seamless, many people aren’t even aware they’re using it. Virtual machine emulation offered by Riverbed offers enterprise-wide service-level monitoring that’s hard to miss. Some existing VPN customers might even switch over to it.

Free2Surf VPN is now offering live technical support 24 hours a day as well as a 90 percent commission to resellers. The company offers a number of packages. These all come with individual deals. One offers 20 percent for all packages. They have a $2 a month economy package as well as a $6 a month light package. Nevertheless, they never charge high costs anyway. Their highest-priced popular options are still well below industry average. This makes them attractive to those who want to enjoy Internet security on the cheap while still getting a superior VPN package.

NextiraOne Austria has been really active lately, and set up an MPLS network for illwerke vkw. The platform links the individual business locations through both VPN servers and a VPLS system. This comes as the company installed a number of giant Cisco 7600 10 Gigabit MPLS core routers. Few people get to work with this sort of technology in their day-to-day lives, so it was rather impressive to see it out there. A number of other companies are expected to employ NextiraOne Austria’s services in the near future as a result of this venture.

Virtual desktops can be viewed as an entry-level VPN technology. In fact, most computer scientists have done just that so far. Ajubeo, on the other hand, has taken them extremely seriously and is offering a new enterprise-class virtual private data center as part of a newly-imagined cloud infrastructure-as-a-service package that the company intends to market to various sized businesses. This is more impressive than most users might want to admit, since it makes VPN technology a good bit more accessible to people who haven’t really used virtual desktops in the past.

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