VPN Industry Protects Users in the First Quarter of 2013

TechNavio’s analysts are always well trusted when it comes to the Virtual Private Network field, and they’ve added a global secure socket layer VPN report to their usual offering. Their research indicates that the market is expected to continue to grow, but some issues faced by secure socket vendors might influence the industry in a negative way. However, some key vendors are offering good sales that will help to turn this around if consumers know when to strike while the iron is hot.

Most people associate VPN systems with private users, but Authen2cate are actually starting to go after the education market. That could mean some pretty big changes. They’ve provided a single sign-on system for the Blackboard learning platform. Distance education continues to grow, and students value their privacy. In addition to providing VPN resources, the firm is also engaged in the identity management sector. Institutions that need both resources can take quick advantage of this opportunity while its still available.

VPN Services OverviewTorGuard is now offering 100 percent anonymous proxies for only $9.95 a month. Their bit proxies are only $5.95 a month. Both plans are available to any users at unlimited speeds, and the service is secured at 256 bits. That makes it particularly attractive to those who want to stream content from different services without even their ISP being aware of what they’re doing. The VPN service is now compatible with several different platforms. Just about anyone should be able to interface his or her hardware with the client. No special software is necessarily to get the system working either.

Sabai Technology is already a leader in VPN routers for private consumers, but they’ve now announced a dual band router system for the 4200 platform running OSv5. This is an important step because few boxed solutions are ever marketed at a price under $500. The price tag alone should make Sabai’s device rather attractive for individual buyers.

The SafeCentral product provided by Wontok has been named as a finalist in the global excellence awards for security products. While SafeCentral takes a proactive approach to computer security, Wontok has also been offering various deals on VPN technology to protect user’s IP addresses when they’re browsing the Internet. This is particularly important for anyone who needs to avoid letting different web resources know what part of the world that they’re in.

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