VPN Tunnel Review

VPN Tunnel ReviewVPN Tunnel is one of the top VPN services available on the web. Many consider them one of the best VPN services since they offer you the ability to browse anonymously. They have encrypted connections and they support IOS, Android, and Windows. VPN Tunnel reviews have all been positive and no one has written a bad VPN Tunnel review.

VPN Tunnel Special Offers

One of the main things that VPN Tunnel users like about their services is they never have to worry about leaving a digital footprint. Traffic and everything that you do on the Internet is untraceable to you since they are constantly switching out your IP address. All of their packages are equipped with unlimited bandwidth and they have affordable prices available.

VPN Tunnel Key Features

VPN Tunnel provides their customers with a variety of features. Their main feature is their unlimited bandwidth that is standard for all of their packages. Additionally, you can even use their services on your smartphone or tablet. All traffic is encrypted so you never have to worry about leaving a digital footprint behind. Plans start as low as 4 EUR and there are multiple options when it comes to paying, PayPal happens to be one of them.

Downsides of VPN Tunnel

VPN Tunnel is a great website for those who want a VPN Provider that will ensure that they can experience complete privacy when on the web. However, one of the downsides to their services is they do not have any visible testimonials available on their website. It is also a little confusing to find out that they claim to have been providing these services since 2008 yet their website has a 2014 copyright. Also, they are based out of Sweden so it is hard to find out any background information about their services.