VPNGates.com Review

Review of VPN service vpngates.com

VPNGates Overview

This is a review of VPNGates, wherein you will see all the amazing VPN products and services it can provide. If you want to have the best security, anonymity, and freedom in using the internet, then you must have the services that VPNGates.com can provide. As you avail the VPN server that VPN Gates provide, you will have a different IP Adress that is not owned by your Internet Service Provider, but is owned by VPNGates. This way, you ISP will not be able to keep logs of the websites you visit and other internet activities that you do, instead, they will just see that you are visiting directly to VPN Gates. VPNGates.com also have servers in different parts of the world such as the USA, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, China Australia, France, Switzerland and many more. With VPNGates, you can see the TV shows that are restricted in your country and you will have high speed internet connection.

VPNGates Special Offers

This VPNGates review shows you that it has amazing rates that is very affordable for everyone. If you want to have an account with VPNGate.com and have their services, then you can have it for $15 a month, $40 for quarterly payments, $70 for semiyearly payments and you can pay $120 a year for a VPNGates account.

VPNGates Key Features

There are a lot of benefits when you use the services offered by VPNGates with their PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN services. Some of the key features that6 VPNGates has to offer are strong encryptions, unlimited bandwidth. Change IP address, watch restricted TV program online, Unblock VOIP applications, access restricted sites, become invisible while using the internet, have protection against hackers and other spies, enter restricted websites in countries that restrict certain websites, be secured in WiFi hotspots and other public places with internet. This is why VPNGates.com is one of the best VPN service providers out there.

Downside of VPNGates

VPN service reviews show that VPNGates is one of the top VPN service providers out there and it does not have much downsides with it. It will continue to expand its servers to more places in the world.